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I’m Amelia Levillain. I write under the pen name A. D. Hay, and I’m the author of Missing, the first book in the James Lalonde Prequel trilogy and the Byline Thriller Novels also featuring James Lalonde. My books are set in the world of investigative journalism with a dash of conspiracy, crime, and medical sci-fi.


When I’m not writing and editing thriller novels, I’m the host of The Authorpreneur Podcast and The Book Nerd Podcast. Right now, I’m editing my soon to be published mystery novel, Duplicity. And, I am writing the first book in the Rookie Reporter Mystery series, which is titled, The Candidate.  Over on my YouTube channel, I’ll be sharing weekly writing vlogs where you can watch me write the first draft of The Candidate.


When I’m not writing or hosting my podcasts, I love to travel around Europe with my husband Roland, drink tea, and eat pizza.


A Quick Snapshot into the Writing Life of Amateur Sleuth Mystery Author A. D. Hay.

15 July 2021


The other day, I was listening to a podcast, and the host mentioned Booktopia. For those of you who are unaware, Booktopia is an online bookstore that sells both ebooks and paperbacks to Australia and New Zealand. This morning I double-checked and discovered that Missing is available in ebook and Paperback. Yay! To download the ebook, you need to create a Booktopia account and download the reader app.


13 July 2021


Happy Tuesday, booklovers. Today, I wrote the first scene in the climactic sequence of The Candidate. By the end of the day, I had written and performed minor edits resulting in an additional 1,370 words to the manuscript. So, what does this all mean? I only have three scenes left to write in this first-in-series novella. Yay! If you want to know more about the series, check out this blog post or YouTube video.

29 May 2021


Exciting news! Today is my birthday. How old am I, you ask? Don’t worry, I’m not offended. I get it, you’re curious. Well, it’s my 40th birthday. Yay! In celebration of my old age, I’ve discounted my amateur sleuth mystery novella, Missing to 99¢, on all ebook retailers. But, It’s not all about me. I also want to make reading an affordable hobby for people who have been affected by the Pandemic. So, hopefully, discounting my first-in-series novella will make reading a little easier and cheaper for you. Click here to find Missing on your favourite ebook retailer.

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James Lalonde Mysteries

A Body is on the Front Lawn. A Priceless Painting is Missing. A Killer is on the Loose.


When Will Thatcher doesn’t show up for work, James Lalonde is forced to attend an afternoon tea with Alistair Carmichael in Will’s place. The lovely autumn afternoon tea comes to an abrupt end when a body is discovered on the front lawn of the Carmichael Estate with strange markings on its neck.


But something is missing, a priceless painting is off the wall. However, it’s no ordinary painting, it’s a van Gogh purchased in an auction a few months prior. But, trouble has its watchful eye on James.


Can James figure out who the thief and murderer are before he is next?




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Excalibur is missing, A Killer is on the Loose, and his career is on the line…


James, the chief editor of a small newspaper, returns home to discover that his girlfriend, Valentine has unexpectedly left. Later that morning, he fails to reallocate her story. To avoid blank space in the paper, James decides to write the story on the local museum’s latest acquisition, Excalibur. But, there’s one thing he didn’t count on… Excalibur is Missing, and his girlfriend has been kidnapped.




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What Am I Writing?


Revised Draft

70,483 of 80,000 Words

Right now, I’m preparing Book Two in the James Lalonde series, for a final round of revisions. The next step is to send the story off to my editor. I aim to have this eBook published on all major ebook retailers by the end of mid to late 2021. And, I will be making this novel available for free to my James Lalonde Insiders reader club. You can become an insider here.


First Draft

0 of 60,000 Words

I’ve decided to add an extra book between the second book and the start of the byline series, where James arrives in New York. Book Three will be set in a 24 hour period in London. This novel will be available in ebook on all major ebook retailers by the end of November 2021. And, the paperback editions soon after. I will be making this novel available for free to my James Lalonde Insiders reader club. You can become an insider here.



Revised Draft

112,960 of 99,000 Words

Book Four the James Lalonde series needs one final round of revisions before I can hand it off to my editor. This longer novel will be published on all major ebook retailers in late 2021 or early 2022. And, the paperback editions soon after. I will be making this novel available for free to my James Lalonde Insiders reader club. You can become an insider here.


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