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I’m Amelia Levillain. I write under the pen name A. D. Hay, and I’m the author of Missing, the first book in the James Lalonde Prequel trilogy and the Byline Thriller Novels also featuring James Lalonde. My books are set in the world of investigative journalism with a dash of conspiracy, crime, and medical sci-fi.


When I’m not writing and editing thriller novels, I’m the host of The Authorpreneur Podcast and The Book Nerd Podcast. Right now, I’m editing my soon to be published mystery novel, Duplicity. And, I am writing the first book in the Rookie Reporter Mystery series, which is titled, The Candidate.  Over on my YouTube channel, I’ll be sharing weekly writing vlogs where you can watch me write the first draft of The Candidate.


When I’m not writing or hosting my podcasts, I love to travel around Europe with my husband Roland, drink tea, and eat pizza.


A Quick Snapshot into the Writing Life of Amateur Sleuth Mystery Author A. D. Hay.

10 December 2021


I’ve started a new project. Obviously, it’s another book. And I’m writing it in a different way than my other stories. On top of this, I can’t tell you how long the story will be; it will be a mystery that I will discover as I write. Nevertheless, I can tell you that it will be a locked-room mystery that takes place in a beautiful English Manor House. But I won’t bore you with that information. This story will be a part of the James Lalonde Universe, and I’m going to make it available to my James Lalonde insider email list. So, if you want a free story, make sure you sign up. In the meantime, you’ll get a free copy of The Lawn.

9 December 2021


There is no other way to say this, so I’m just going to come out with it. I’m super excited to announce that The Candidate is now available in paperback. Yay! The paperback is available on Amazon in all countries and on Barnes and Noble. However, the other day, I approved the paperback copy, which can be purchased via the catalogue in your favourite book store. So all you have to do is quote the ISBN (978-1-9163483-6-3) to the bookseller, and they can order you a copy. Usually, when I publish a paperback, I have to approve one paperback for Amazon and the other from bookstores because your local store orders books from a separate source. But that’s just author life for you.

27 July 2021


It’s the news you’ve been waiting for; well, it’s the news my Mother has been waiting, hear via text. If the images weren’t spoiler-y enough, I’ve FINALLY finished writing the first draft of The Candidate. To be honest, I thought I would be writing this book forever. So, what’s next, you ask? I need to send my novella to a few beta readers before doing my one pass revision edit. And then I can send my novella off to my editors. Hopefully, I can get this book finished and published by September; fingers crossed.

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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

A Body is on the Front Lawn. A Priceless Painting is Missing. A Killer is on the Loose.


When Will Thatcher doesn’t show up for work, James Lalonde is forced to attend an afternoon tea with Alistair Carmichael in Will’s place. The lovely autumn afternoon tea comes to an abrupt end when a body is discovered on the front lawn of the Carmichael Estate with strange markings on its neck.


But something is missing, a priceless painting is off the wall. However, it’s no ordinary painting, it’s a van Gogh purchased in an auction a few months prior. But, trouble has its watchful eye on James.


Can James figure out who the thief and murderer are before he is next?




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Excalibur is missing, A Killer is on the Loose, and his career is on the line…


James, the chief editor of a small newspaper, returns home to discover that his girlfriend, Valentine has unexpectedly left. Later that morning, he fails to reallocate her story. To avoid blank space in the paper, James decides to write the story on the local museum’s latest acquisition, Excalibur. But, there’s one thing he didn’t count on… Excalibur is Missing, and his girlfriend has been kidnapped.


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A Murdered Judge. A Dark Secret Silenced.


Rookie reporter James Lalonde is bored. And, he isn’t a journalist. He’s an all-round dogs-body, to editor-in-chief, Rhys Kelly. But, his luck has finally changed. After eavesdropping in on the morning editorial meeting, James learns he has his first-ever story. There’s one catch. If the story gets too complicated, it will be taken away from him and given to another journalist with more experience. Sure it’s a boring interview with the soon to be sworn-in magistrate, Albert Harrington, but it finally gets him out of his six-month slump as an editorial research assistant.

The following day, James turns up to his interview with Albert to discover a trail of blood smeared through Albert’s house, an empty safe, the murder weapon on the floor, but no body. Detective Anwar Khan turns up to the crime scene, puts two and two together, and believes James murdered the controversial magistrate. Can James clear his name and write his first-ever story before his editor takes it away from him?




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What Am I Writing?


Revised Draft

73,509 of 80,000 Words

Right now, I’m preparing Book Two in the James Lalonde series, for a final round of revisions. The next step is to send the story off to my editor. I aim to have this eBook published on all major ebook retailers by the end of March 2022. And, I will be making this novel available for free to my James Lalonde Insiders reader club. You can become an insider here.


First Draft

0 of 60,000 Words

I’ve decided to add an extra book between the second book and the start of the byline series, where James arrives in New York. Book Three will be set in a 24 hour period in London. This novel will be available in ebook on all major ebook retailers by the end of Mid 2022. And, the paperback editions soon after. I will be making this novel available for free to my James Lalonde Insiders reader club. You can become an insider here.



Revised Draft

112,960 of 99,000 Words

Book Four the James Lalonde series needs one final round of revisions before I can hand it off to my editor. This longer novel will be published on all major ebook retailers in Late 2022. And, the paperback editions soon after. I will be making this novel available for free to my James Lalonde Insiders reader club. You can become an insider here.

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On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I realised the first book in my new Rookie Reporter mystery series. And I thought I would share a little of the behind the scenes or the making of the novella that as a reader you never get to see unless I take you along with me. In this blog post, I’m going to answer a few questions about The Candidate and the Rookie Reporter series.

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After publishing the last blog post where I shared the opening scene of The Candidate, I felt a little mean. So, I decided to share the next chapter in the murder mystery novella, with you. As you might have guessed, the candidate is the first novella in a new series called the “Rookie Reporter Mysteries”, featuring James Lalonde.

Read the Opening Scene of My Next Murder Mystery Novella for Free

Just like Missing and Duplicity, I’ve decided to share the opening scenes from my new first-in-series murder mystery novella, The Candidate, with you. As you might have guessed, the candidate is the first novella in a new series called the “Rookie Reporter Mysteries”, featuring James Lalonde.

TBN007, A Giant Female Amateur Sleuths Book Haul

As you can guess by the spoiler-y title, I will share with you an embarrassingly long and overdue female amateur sleuth book haul. On a surprising note, I have managed to stop myself from reading these books. As always, I will endeavour to be as spoiler-free as possible.

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