Unfortunately, I’ve had to change the prices of my novels, novellas, and short stories so I can start making money from my writing. For quite some time, I’ve been giving away my books for free due to the pandemic. In light of that, the free pricing period for Suspicion has come to an end. As of today, the price will be as follows:

  • us$2.99
  • £2.49
  • €2.99


Also, Duplicity, book two in the James Lalonde Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series, has also been taken off its 99¢ promotion. The new pricing is as follows:

  • us$3.99
  • £3.49
  • €3.99


 The pricing has also been changed on my website shop, but there’s a discount if you sign up for my email list.

Amelia D. Hay

Amelia D. Hay

I’m Amelia. I write amateur sleuth mystery novels under the pen name A. D. Hay and I’m the author of The Candidate, The Locked Room, The Lawn, Suspicion and Duplicity. I’m also the host of the Mystery Novel Nerd Podcast and The Authorpreneur Podcast™️. Right now, I’m writing the first novella in a cozy mystery series, and writing the third book in the James Lalonde Mystery Series. When I’m not writing, hosting my podcasts or coaching aspiring authors, I love to travel around Europe with my Husband, drink tea, and eat pizza.

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