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Hello, Book Lovers!


Building a relationship with readers who love murder mysteries as much as I do is the best thing about being an author. As an author, I truly value your time and opinion as a reader. I have a few questions for you.


  • Do you love reading murder mysteries?
  • Do you love writing reviews of the books you read?


If so, then I’d love to invite you to become a James Lalonde Insider and join my advanced reader team.


Every month, I send a newsletter with details on free short stories, new releases, special offers, and news relating to the James Lalonde series.


When you join my Advanced Reader Team and become a James Lalonde Insider, you will receive the following:

  • An early review copy of the stories in my James Lalonde Mystery series and Rookie Reporter Mysteries.
  • Free short stories within the James Lalonde Universe. 
  • Interviews with the characters.
  • As well as other exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff you won’t find anywhere else.
  • And I’m also thinking of creating an exclusive Facebook group just for you Amazing people who sign up.


Don’t worry, you will not receive all of these emails at once or in a week. You’ll receive them slowly over time.



If this sounds like a great idea to you, then enter your first name and email address in the opt-in form below, and join my Advanced Reader team and become a James Lalonde Insider, today!


Happy reading, book lovers!

Amelia xx


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