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I hope you are all well and are staying safe.


I have some exciting news to share with you.


In between book launches of my James Lalonde mystery series, I’ve decided to write a series of twelve short stories featuring James Lalonde, starting with his first-ever case as a rookie reporter for the Northampton Tribune. In case you’re not aware, the Northampton Tribune is the fictional newspaper where James works as the editor in Missing, the first book in the James Lalonde mystery series.


A quick side note, you don’t have to read Missing to enjoy this series.


About the Series

Each book will be a self-contained story under 20,000 words, with no cliffhangers, a satisfying conclusion, and will hit the popular tropes in the amateur sleuth mystery sub-genre. Technically, the books are short novellas or novelettes with around 80 physical book pages. I’m calling this series the rookie reporter series. The series follows James’s first year as a reporter. Essentially the series is his highlight reel. Within this series, I plan on taking James to a few different places around Europe, including Cannes and Strasbourg.


You can probably tell, but I’m excited to start writing. The first book in the series will be priced at 99 cents or pence, and each subsequent story will be priced at £1.99 or $2.99 USD. My first writing vlog of the year will feature me writing the first book in the series, titled The Candidate.


So stay tuned for that vlog.


Thank you for watching, reading, commenting and sharing with such enthusiasm.


With love,


Amelia xx


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Amelia D. Hay

Amelia D. Hay

I’m Amelia. I write amateur sleuth mystery novels under the pen name A. D. Hay and I’m the author of The Candidate, The Locked Room, The Lawn, Suspicion and Duplicity. I’m also the host of the Mystery Novel Nerd Podcast and The Authorpreneur Podcast™️. Right now, I’m writing the first novella in a cozy mystery series, and writing the third book in the James Lalonde Mystery Series. When I’m not writing, hosting my podcasts or coaching aspiring authors, I love to travel around Europe with my Husband, drink tea, and eat pizza.

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