TBN006, The Book Buying Tag

TBN006, The Book Buying Tag

As you can tell by the super spoiler-y title of this video, I’ll be doing the Book Buying Tag created by Megan Olivier. Click the link on my blog to watch the original version of the tag on YouTube. Even though this is quite an old tag that was created back in 2013, I loved it so much that I clearly couldn’t resist filming it. And, there was one question that I struggled to answer. But, that’s was of no surprise to me.

27 July 2021

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for; well, it’s the news my Mother has been waiting, hear via text. If the images weren’t spoiler-y enough, I’ve FINALLY finished writing the first draft of The Candidate. To be honest, I thought I would...

15 July 2021

The other day, I was listening to a podcast, and the host mentioned Booktopia. And, it got me thinking. Is Missing on Booktopia? For those of you who are unaware, Booktopia is an online bookstore that sells both ebooks and paperbacks to Australia and New Zealand. This morning I double-checked and discovered that Missing is available in ebook and Paperback.

13 July 2021

Today, I wrote the first scene in the climactic sequence of The Candidate. By the end of the day, I had written and performed minor edits resulting in an additional 1,370 words to the manuscript. So, what does this all mean? I only have three scenes left to write in this first-in-series amateur sleuth mystery novella.

29 May 2021

Exciting news! Today is my birthday. How old am I, you ask? Don’t worry, I’m not offended. I get it, you’re curious. Well, it’s my 40th birthday. Yay! In celebration of my old age, I’ve discounted my amateur sleuth mystery novella, Missing to 99¢, on all ebook retailers. But, It’s not all about me. I also want to make reading an affordable hobby for people who have been affected by the Pandemic. So, hopefully, discounting my first-in-series novella will make reading a little easier and cheaper for you. Click here to find Missing on your favourite ebook retailer.

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