An Interview with James Lalonde

An Interview with James Lalonde

If you’ve read the books in my James Lalonde Mystery Series or my Rookie Reporter Mystery Series, you’ll be familiar with my protagonist, James Lalonde. The events that occurred in Suspicion happened in May 2015. So, I thought it would be fun to interview my protagonist seven years later and have a bit of a catchup, minus the spoilers. But, if you’re yet to read Suspicion or any of the other books, this will serve as the perfect icebreaker.

19 November 2022

Exciting News!   The ebook for Suspicion is currently FREE on all major ebook retailer platforms. So, be sure to get your copy so you can read it before Duplicity is released. So, click here to find the ebook in your favourite store.   And it’s...
Location, Location, Location: 8 Interesting Places in England and France from my Mystery Novel, Suspicion

Location, Location, Location: 8 Interesting Places in England and France from my Mystery Novel, Suspicion

One of the best things about being an author is visiting interesting places physically or with the help of modern technology like YouTube videos, pictures taken by other travellers, or simply good ol’ Google Maps. As I outlined, wrote, revised and edited my mystery novel Suspicion, I included eight interesting places across England and France. Sometimes, the real and imaginary blend together in fiction. And, Suspicion is no exception. Here is a short list of these locations and what inspired me to choose these as settings in my mystery novel Suspicion, along with details on how you can visit these places yourself.

16 August 2022

While waiting to get Duplicity back from my editor, I have gotten back to writing the short story I mentioned in December.   To rejig your memory, the short story will be a locked-room mystery set in a beautiful English Manor House. And, it’s a tie-in story with...

29 July 2022

I’m pleased to let you know that the third edition of the first James Lalonde Mystery, Suspicion is now available in eBook on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Kobo.    Yay!    You can find the ebook in your favourite ebook...

25 July 2022

Good news! I have received Suspicion back from my editor, and as of last week, I have submitted it to a second editor for a final proofread. So, what does this mean? The first novella in the James Lalonde Murder Mystery series is almost ready to be published.  ...
009, My Favourite Mystery and Thriller Novels of 2021

009, My Favourite Mystery and Thriller Novels of 2021

In this episode of the Book Nerd Podcast, I’m going to discuss my favourite mystery and thriller novels that I read in 2021. I what you’re thinking, “it’s been a while since the end of 2021,” but hear me out. I wanted to put a bit of distance between the end of 2021 and my reading because I wanted to discuss the books that stood out to me the most. From memory, I read close to fifty books in 2021. Actually, I’ve checked, and it was 49 books read.

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