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Hello, Book Lovers!


For some reason, this A Day in the Life of a Writer episode of WriterADHayTV was another follow me around style video blog that I had forgotten to share with you on the behind the scenes blog. This blog was filmed, edited and uploaded to my YouTube Channel in December for my busy travel and Christmas period. I guess that’s the reason why I dropped the ball with this one.


Mistakes with Setting the Scene

In this episode of a week in the life of a writer, I realised that I’d used the same setting twice for two different characters who do not work together. In the first scene where I’ve used the same lab setting, the lab gets destroyed in a fight. I need to go back to the character profiles, and arcs then decide where these two characters work and in which departments. After that, I need to think of a different layout for the second lab, because spoiler alert that lab is set on fire in the first act. What can I say? The bad guys are super busy.


Revision Mistakes

As I continue to revise Immunity and look back at the progress, I’ve made. I realise that I’ve made some classic mistakes with revision. I can see a trend emerging. In Immunity, I keep getting stuck on a scene instead of moving on to a different scene and come back later. This time I plan on leaving the scene at this point and spending the day with Roland. My reasoning behind this decision was the break would leave my subconscious mind to find a solution to the problem. Spoiler alert: I later came up with a solution to my mistake of using the same lab twice.


Book Shopping at Foyles in London

Later that day, Roland and I went to central London because Time Out told us it was bookshop day at the Foyles along Charing Cross Road. Not, that we need an excuse to go to a bookstore. Just try and keep us away. Obviously, this was a marketing thing created by Foyles, and it worked on us. There was a part of me that feels like I’m cheating on my local bookshop. I think it’s important to support your local bookstore.


A Mini Book Haul

While in Foyles in add the following books to my shopping cart which Roland politely volunteered to lug them around. What can I say? I love a man that will carry around my books.


And, Roland also purchased a few books including some special editions.

French Translations of Novels written in English

After this, we travelled up to the fourth floor and wondered around the foreign literature where we found A Game of Thrones in French. The French translation has been decided into two books due to the complexities of translation and the difference between French and English.


I hope you enjoyed this day in the life Vlog.


Happy reading and writing and I’ll see you in my next video.


Amelia xx




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