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Here are my already published and soon-to-be-published amateur sleuth mystery novels. Click on the books below to see more information, free chapters, and access buy links for all stores. All books will be available in ebook, paperback, and audio formats.

James Lalonde Mystery Trilogy


Before James was hired by the notorious newsman and editor of the Daily Voice, Patrick Evans, and forced to partner with prize-winning, investigative journalist, Sophie Baker, he was the editor of a small newspaper in Northampton. A series of events unfolded one morning in May that led to his resignation and back to his first love, investigative journalism. Find out where it began and the moment he realised that everything he knew about his past was a lie, in this prequel trilogy.

Rookie Reporter Mysteries


Five years before James Lalonde was the editor for the Northampton Tribune and discovered that the legendary sword, Excalibur, was stolen from the home of Elizabeth James, he was a gofer dreaming of writing his first byline for the Northampton Tribune. The Rookie Reporter mystery series follows James Lalonde’s first year as a journalist, starting with his first-ever case in The Candidate.

Other Stories

Murder Mystery Book Club


I’m excited to introduce you to my new cozy mystery series, the murder mystery book club. The series follows avid bookworm turned amateur sleuth Lucy Hobbs, who is in the process of moving from London to the small (fictional) English village of Saint James Upon Berry. The series is free of blood, gore, sex, and swearing.

Byline Mystery Series


James Lalonde is a bit of a French cliche. Imagine a French accent with a hint of arrogance, a dash of sarcasm, and a strong personality. He’s an investigative journalist who is hired by the most powerful newsman in New York, Patrick Evans and editor of the Daily Voice. James attempts to balance the ever-increasing demands of his editor as well as unlocking the secrets of his past, that he was never supposed to know.


James who prefers to go it alone is forced to partner with prize-winning, investigative journalist, Sophie Baker. It’s Sophie or the classifieds!


Together, they track down a trail of bodies and crime all over the world, collect evidence, unveil the truth and stop a group of individuals from following through with their master plans and ultimately saving the lives of innocent people.


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