Once upon a time in a murder mystery book club

set in the small english village of Saint James Upon Berry...

Entitled to Murder


Series: Murder Mystery Book Club
Book #: 0
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuth
Type: Novella


Bookworm and recently widowed Lucy Hobbs has lived a sheltered life. The only danger she has ever faced was turning the pages of a murder mystery novel. All of that is about to change.


It’s Halloween, Lucy’s favourite time of year, but it’s more than just a holiday—it’s her grandfather Alfred’s 87th birthday. After months of grieving, this is the one thing she has been looking forward to. But, little does Lucy know she is walking into a family feud, a lost sheep, and murder.


On the day of Alfred’s Will reading, Lucy learns of some unexpected changes that cause her to look at the events of the birthday party in a new light.


Can Lucy figure out who the murderer is before they strike again?

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