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Behind the Scenes of a Locked Room Mystery.


The Locked Room: A James Lalonde Novella

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Series: James Lalonde Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Book: One
Genres: Mystery, Amateur Sleuth, Murder Mystery
ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-916609-02-0
ISBN (Large Print): 978-1-916609-03-7



One Locked Room. A Dead Body. Five Suspects.


It’s the opening of Clovervale Hall, an exquisite bed-and-breakfast in Oxfordshire, owned and operated by Professor Xavier Watson and his wife, Flora. And James Lalonde can’t believe his luck—he gets an all-expenses paid trip.


And he gets to write a story about the opening of the bed-and-breakfast for the Northampton Tribune. It’s going to be the easiest weekend of his life. Unfortunately, the weather is scorching hot, and a cyclonic storm sets in, trapping him and the guests inside the manor house.


But, there’s one thing he didn’t count on—a killer is on the loose, roaming the halls of Clovervale Hall.


While cyclonic weather conditions rage on outside, James hunts down the killer. Lurking behind every corner, he discovers secrets and lies.


But his investigations haven’t gone unnoticed. The killer has a watchful eye on James.


Can James solve the murder before the bodies start to pile up?


The Locked Room is the prequel novella in A D Hay’s gripping James Lalonde amateur sleuth mystery series. If you like cloak and dagger mysteries filled with twists and turns, you’ll love this locked room mystery.


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{This [The Locked Room] was an excellent book. I have to agree with James & Xavier that it was a bit much for the reasoning behind everything. Some people are just a bit too much. Too evil in their thinking. It makes for an extraordinary book though!{
ARC Reader
{This great prequel [The Locked Room] to the James Lalonde Amateur Sleuth Mysteries series, it worked overall with what I was looking for. The characters were great and I enjoyed the mystery going on. It left me wanting to read more in this series and from A. D. Hay.{
ARC Reader
{"The Locked Room: A James Lalonde Novella" is a captivating and thrilling prequel to the James Lalonde Amateur Sleuth Mysteries series by A. D. Hay. This novella plunges readers into a classic locked room mystery filled with intrigue, suspense, and a race against time.{
ARC Reader
{This [The Locked Room] was an intriguing read which kept me guessing to the end. Definitely worth a read if you like good mystery stories.{
ARC Reader

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