Duplicity: A James Lalonde Mystery


Series: James Lalonde
Book: Two
Genre: Mystery, Crime, Amateur Sleuth, Private Investigator


A Murdered Professor. A Priceless Manuscript Stolen. A Journalist Caught in the Crossfire.

This was not the reunion James envisioned.


His friends are squabbling and keeping secrets. At the centre of the drama is a medieval manuscript.


Moments after James discovers a secret code on the pages of the manuscript, a hooded figure murders a professor and steals the manuscript from Oxford University.


While James is receiving medical attention, he discovers a secret about his past that he was never supposed to know.


Instead of staying on bed rest, James decides to leave town and uncover the truth. But, DI Alice O’Donnell puts a hold on his passport, believing James organised the murder and theft. Before he leaves for New York, James must investigate the truth behind the lab break-in.


As his investigation digs deeper, James discovers everyone has means, motive, opportunity and something to hide.


With an endless list of possible suspects, James must clear his name, find the manuscript, and identify the murderer before they strike again.


Duplicity is the second novel in A D Hay’s gripping amateur sleuth mystery series. If you like cloak and dagger mysteries filled with twists and turns, you’ll love this instalment from the series.

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