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Hello, Book Lover!


Building a relationship with readers who love thrillers as much as I do is the best thing about being an author.


It’s critically important to get reviews for a new book close to its launch. Book reviews help readers decide to take a chance on a new author or stick to their favourite. Apart from helping a reader to make a decision about buying, book reviews help online store like Amazon to recommend the right books to the right reader.


It almost sounds a little like online dating.


But that’s how it works.


For this reason, I created my James Lalonde Insiders team or Team Lalonde for short. To connect with lovers of thriller novels and to help generate book reviews soon after a new book launches. How does it work, you ask? Simply sign up using the form below, and I will send you a copy of my new release, Missing. And, after you’ve finished reading it, leave a review an honest on your favourite online store. It’s that simple.


You’ll also get a chance to win prizes during launch week, such as book swag, signed copies, free short stories, etc. And, you’ll also get the subsequent books in the James Lalonde series to read before anyone else as well.

Here’s a bit about Missing


Excalibur is missing, a killer is on the loose, and his career is on the line…


James has a nose for trouble. But that’s nothing new.


This time, things are different…


…his life is on the line.


James is the chief editor of a small newspaper. It’s hardly captivating work. He’s bored. But, all of that is about to change.


Late one evening, he returns home to discover that his long-time girlfriend and journalist, Valentine has left. Early the next morning, James fails to reallocate her assigned story. To avoid blank space in the culture section, and losing his job, he decides to write the story on the local museum’s latest acquisition, Excalibur.


But, there’s one thing he didn’t count on…


….Excalibur is missing, and a dead body is at the crime scene.


As his investigations commence, James unravels a tangled web of betrayal, kidnapping and murder. But, his fact-finding hasn’t gone unrecognised. The wrong people have started to notice. And, there will be consequences… dire consequences.


You’ll love this gripping cloak and dagger mystery because of the twists, turns, and ending you’ll never guess.



What Others Are Saying About Missing

This book [Missing] has everything that a thriller fanatic wants in a story, twists and turns, danger moments, sinister villains, a likeable hero, damsels in distress and an intriguing story that holds the reader’s attention throughout.

Nicki's Life of Crime

The story [Missing] is fast-paced and the turns it takes threw me off completely more than once!

Life of a Nerdish Mum

This [Missing] is a novella so you can easily fit this whodunnit into your reading schedule, a good mystery with [a] lot of interesting characters.

The Divine Write

Good read for chilling out on a Sunday afternoon.

Kobo Reader, February 2, 2020

A gripping cloak-and-dagger tale with a particularly fine sense of place, Missing will have readers eager to devour more books in the series.
Angela M.

Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

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