Novel Location Scouting and Christmas in Poitiers, France

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Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas!


In 2016, I visited the beautiful city of Poitiers, France spending time with my fiancé Roland and his Family. And, I’m excited to announce, it’s novel location scouting time. The city of Poitiers is a beautiful city located in the west of France in the region of Poitou-Charentes. It has beautiful narrow cobbled streets and beautiful houses all crushed up next to each other. The city centre looks positively medieval and some parts have a Romanesque feel. If it weren’t for the small European cars, you would struggle to believe you were in the 21st century.


As a writer, I fell in love with this place and chose this small city as the place where James spent most of his childhood and teenage years. When I created James Lalonde, I wanted to create a character that was different from all the various incarnations of Jack Reacher. Seriously, if I read one more thriller novel about another Jack Reacher style protagonist, I’m going to scream. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.


Over the next few days, I’ll be roaming the streets of this beautiful city searching for interesting locations for my book. This book will be the fourth book in the series and has the working title, Vertigo. At the moment, I have book pages for Silence and Immunity on my book page. I will create a book page for abscess and Vertigo once I start writing the first drafts.


So, here are a few images of the beautiful city of Poitiers. Keep your eyes peeled for more location photos from Poitiers and pictures from my new years eve holiday in Paris.


I hope you’re having a safe and happy Christmas.


Happy reading, book lovers!


Amelia xx


Photo Credit: Roland Levillain


Amelia D. Hay

Amelia D. Hay

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