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Are you a mystery, thriller, suspense, or crime author who you like to get interviewed on The Book Nerd Podcast?


If so, you’ve come to the right place.


Over on The Book Nerd Podcast, I’m looking to interview authors who:

  • Write within the mystery, thriller, suspense, and crime genres.
  • Have published one or more books within a trilogy or series.
  • Write stories with low-level violence, no gore, no graphic sex, no animal cruelty, and no crimes against children.
  • Have a professionally edited and formatted novel with a professionally designed cover.


If you feel you’re the right fit for The Book Nerd Podcast, its audience and meet the above requirements, please fill out the form below. The form below is designed to help you craft the best possible pitch for my podcast so, feel free to take your time and fill it out correctly.


Looking for Tips on Pitching Podcasts?

As a podcast host, it’s in my best interest to ensure you pitch yourself in the best possible, light. If you’re looking for tips on how to get interviewed on podcasts as an author, then check out the quick guide published on my site for authors. The lengthy blog post contains lots of tips and an example of a pitch email. In the example email, you will find ideas on topics you might want to discuss in your interview, which will help you fill out this form.

  • Please use the name that you’d like me to address you as on the podcast (e.g. your pen name).
  • Please let me know where you are so I can see if it's possible for the interview to take place. Because I live in London, I've found that some time zones can be difficult to arrange.
  • Yes, I use Skype to record the video podcast episodes.
  • For instance, is it apart of a series, a stand-alone, contain unique settings, or an interesting main character.
  • I'm asking this because the audience for The Book Nerd Podcast likes to read books that are a part of a series or trilogy.
  • If you're stuck for topics see the about the audience section above or the Quick Guide on How to Get Interviewed on Podcasts for Authors published on my Authorpreneur Podcast website (link shared above).
  • Don’t worry, if you've conducted no other interviews. I’m just curious and what to know how much experience you have with podcast interviews.


After you’ve filled out this form, I will review your entry and get back to you within 72 hours, or three business days, if I think you’re a great fit for the podcast.


With love,

Amelia xx

Mystery Author + Podcast Host

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