Duplicity, Testimonial #3

This [Duplicity] was a very good book that certainly kept me guessing! I liked the way the story unfolded, along with its twists and turns along the way.

Suspicion Review #4

James is the editor of a newspaper which still has a print edition as well as a web edition. When his girlfriend leaves he is left with an open space on the front page of the culture section which he needs to fill. Will he live long enough to fill that section? Who...

Suspicion Review #3

I really enjoyed this story [Suspicion]. It drew me in and kept me turning the page waiting to see what happened next. There was quite a bit of suspense, there was tension, and the characters came alive on the page. I look forward to more in this...

Suspicion Testimonial #2

I quite enjoyed this book [Suspicion]. It had an interesting storyline and did not take long to read. It had enough to keep me guessing, though.

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