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Hello, Book Lovers!


It seems that old habits just won’t die. I finished reading The Atlantis Plague by A. G. Riddle on 10 July 2017. And, I’m glad to announce that I’ve finally got around to writing a review for it. This time I did manage to write down a few notes before I went on to read the next book in my current reading list.


As always, I’ve tried to keep this book as spoiler-free as possible because, let’s face it, most people hate spoilers. I must confess I do love a good spoiler for several reasons; the first being, I hate surprises. And the second, it adds a little suspense for me.


Enough of that, let’s get started with the review.


The Plot

The story starts off a group of scientists seeking to find a cure for The Atlantis Plague. But, not everyone has The Atlantis Gene. So, it’s a race against time to save the lives of the people who are doomed to die at the hands of the plague. And, those that don’t die from the plague are genetically transformed.


The book is set in a post-apocalyptic world where over one billion people have already died. An epic battle between two organisations: Orchid and Immari break out within the post-apocalyptic world. Orchard believes the human race must remain as one and are committed to the survival of the human race. But, the Immari believe evolution is inevitable, and only the strong should survive. Geneticist, Kate Warner journeys across the wastelands of Europe and Northern Africa in the name of research and finding a cure for the plague. And, stop Immari from helping the evolutionary process along.


My Reading Experience

I read the story in chunks with days between reads. My lack of reading was due to a super busy period in my life, and I couldn’t give reading a huge priority. Due to days without reading, it made it difficult to get back into it. Again, I put this down to habit. I will confess that I did find it a little difficult to read through certain sections, but it wasn’t impossible to continue reading. After reading a few reviews by other readers, I noticed that quite a few others struggle to read in a few places but persevered and were glad they finished the book.


What I loved

Quite a bit of time is spent in this story to explain the science and history. I loved this. What can I say? I’m a nerd at heart. This explanation is necessary to the story because without this knowledge you would simply get lost. If you love history and science, then you will find this book a fascinating read. It’s a perfect blend of reality and fiction. The Atlantis Plague is just as complex as the last book, The Atlantis Gene. And thus, cannot be read as a stand-alone. I highly recommend reading, the first book before reading The Atlantis Plague.


My Favourite Part of the Book

The last quarter of the story was the best for me. This feeling leads me to immediately purchase the audiobook for the final instalment in the series, Atlantis World. I’m yet to start reading this book, but I aim to make it a priority over the various books I have lying around waiting to be read.


The Product

One of the important parts of the review process which is sometimes overlooked by reviewers is the quality of the product. I think it’s worth mentioning in the case of this book. I found The Atlantis Plague had the same issues as the first in the trilogy. It’s worth mentioning that I love to listen to the audiobook and follow along with the Kindle version. Not all e-books on Amazon are Kindle Whisper sync for voice compatible. So, this reading process can often be flawed. That’s to be expected because the products aren’t designed to work that way.


The Great

In light of this, I’ll start with the great things and end with the not so great. There was extra content at the end of the audiobook. This difference meant I received a bigger portion of The Atlantis World, which was why I was compelled to buy this straight after finishing.


The Not So Great

One of the most annoying things about the audiobook is the narrator sounded like he didn’t enjoy reading the book. This made the book a little hard to listen to at times. I’m guessing, the majority of readers will not read these books as I do. And will not have this problem. But, it’s still worth mentioning. At certain points in the audiobook, the chapters were broken up differently than the e-book. These chapter breaks made it harder to follow along with the audiobook. And could explain why Kindle whisper sync for voice is not available for this title. It makes me wonder if the book was rushed into audiobook production before it was ready.


Other than those minor no so great things about the audiobook, I highly recommend this book if:

  • You love a cross-genre Conspiracy Thriller with a large dose of Sci-Fi.
  • You love history and science and nerd out when authors take the time to explain this in their novels.
  • You don’t mind reading books in their intended reading order.


If you’re not a fan of any of the above then, you may find this book a tough read or fail to finish it.


Happy reading, book lovers!


Amelia xx

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