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After finishing Sanctus, I found myself desperately searching the internet for books two and three. And, that’s how I felt after finishing The key which is book two in the Sanctus trilogy by Simon Toyne.


I know I allude to this in the review below, but The key is not the type of novel you can read on its own, the book is a part of a much larger story that spans three books, and all instalments need to be read in order.


A Well Written Book

I’ve found myself invested in the lives of the main characters which lead me to flip through the pages of the book. Liv is not your typical thriller novel protagonist who is usually a ‘Jack Reacher’ style of character, which makes her relatable. On the other hand, Gabriel is ex-military but doesn’t bear the overused tropes that often come with these types of characters. The characters do contribute to the fresh feeling of this series. You don’t feel like your reading someone else’s version of a book written by another successful author.


In The Key, Simon Toyne manages to paint a clear picture in your mind while giving you all the necessary information. Each scene has a purpose to serve whether you realise it, as you read or not. There’s not a single scene that shouldn’t have made it into the final version. The Key, just like Sanctus, finishes with an unexpected cliffhanger; a moment where you think ‘oh, crap’ then turn the page to find out ‘that’s it.’ It’s not a massive cliffhanger but a nonetheless important scene. That cliffhanger feeling isn’t necessarily a terrible thing if it doesn’t leave unresolved plot issues.


The Plot

The sacrament has been freed from the citadel, and as a result, a vile plague has broken out amongst the monks and threatens to break out into the world, if a mirror prophecy is not fulfilled in time. It’s a race against time as Liv and Gabriel attempt to search for the land of Eden and return the sacrament to its rightful place, with the church hunting them down. Can Liv and Gabriel get the sacrament to Eden in time to save the world from the plague and the end of days?


Concluding Thoughts

If you love the whole good versus evil mixed with a fast-paced, action-packed plot, with a dash of religious conspiracy, then you will love, The Key. However, if you haven’t read Sanctus, the first book in the Sanctus trilogy. You can download a copy of The Key and Sanctus on Amazon, iTunes or your nearest bookstore.


I can’t wait to get started on reading the next book in this series.

Happy reading, book lovers!


Amelia xx


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Amelia D. Hay

Amelia D. Hay

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