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Hello, Book Lovers!


I’ve finally got back into filming the Behind The Scenes vlog series on my YouTube Channel. I love filming this series mainly because it’s effortless. It’s the perfect blend of a week in the life of a writer and a video on writing tips.


It’s the best of both worlds.


In this vlog, I share with you a life update, changes to my channel, my new podcast, and how I plan to start a new novel series.




It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I publish a video on my YouTube Channel, Indie Authorpreneur TV. There were many reasons for my lack of posting but, I’ll spare you the long list of excuses and keep it simple. Roland and I got married in Australia in July. I did plan on filming the behind the scenes of my wedding day. I did attempt to film a few pieces but, there wasn’t enough content to fill a vlog.


Roland and I got married at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane, and we hired a junior suite. The morning of the wedding my bridesmaid and my best friend came over and helped me get ready. The pre-wedding preparations were quite overwhelming. The junior suite was full of people. I had everyone there including a photographer, hair stylist, makeup artist, family members, and super cute kiddies in suits. I did find the experience overwhelming, hence, a lack of videography.


Changes to Indie Authorpreneur TV

At present, my YouTube Channel is a mixture of sit-down style videos, travel vlogs, and weekly writing vlogs. Throughout the process of creating this youtube channel, I’ve become aware of a few things about myself. When I film the writing tips videos, I feel like I need to say something in a certain way in order to get the tips across in a way that is helpful for my audience. Whereas, I feel comfortable giving advice on writing and business within the weekly writing vlogs. I’ve put this down to the casual nature of the weekly vlog. Over the months of staring the channel, I’ve noticed that I put off recording and editing the videos. The reason for my procrastination is, I don’t enjoy making those videos.


I do however enjoy discussing how to write, through blog posts and podcasts; this is because I’m an introvert, and I don’t have to worry about how I come across on video. When you film a video, you need to pay attention to your body language and not just how you say something. As I shoot a video, I pause use filler words and phrases which need to be edited out. With video, editing these elements out is difficult and time-consuming. However, editing audio is a little easier but does present its own challenges.


As I have carefully considered my next move with my YouTube Channel, I stopped to consider my audience. How do authors, writers, and aspiring writers consume content? Is video the best option? Probably not, it’s far easier to find writing tips through a blog post and via a podcast than, skipping through a video. This reasoning is what helped me start The Indie Authorpreneur Podcast for business, marketing, and writing advice.


I love being on YouTube, and I still want to continue providing content here, but I need to do it in a way that is right for me.


What does this mean for my YouTube Channel?


While I don’t like filming sit-down style videos, but I do love vlogging. So, this is what Indie Authorpreneur TV will become; a behind the scenes look at the life of an indie author. I will still have tips about writing and the business of writing, but it will exist within the context of a weekly vlog.


Starting a Podcast

My working week starts off with editing the next episode of The Indie Authorpreneur Podcast and recording a new introduction and conclusion. The first ten episodes of the podcast are the content from the writing tip videos converted into an audio file, then edited in GarageBand. In the video, I share lessons learned while editing the first nine episodes, as well as equipment and software used. Below are the microphone, mind shield, and stand shown in the video, as well as links to these items in the Amazon store.

If you’re considering starting a podcast then I highly recommend you check out this playlist. I’ve only just started curating this playlist and will add more videos as I discover them on Youtube.


Daily Journalling for Writers

Over the past few weeks, I’ve struggled to get motivated to continue revising Immunity. In light of this, I start a new daily journalling habit that I was inspired to try after listening to Rachael Herron’s How do You Write Podcast. This journalling technique has provided me with the necessary accountability that I needed to achieve my writing goals. The day before, I had a productive writing day thanks to this technique. I finished the last few scenes and the day after, I went through and edited the first few scenes of Immunity. Journalling for accountability isn’t completely foolproof. I have found if I stop journalling, I stop being productive with my revision. So, I will need to keep journalling in the future.


A Change in Plans + Immunity Update

On Friday, I was going to attend a GoogleTalk from the director blade runner but, I had a great writing and editing day on Thursday. So, I decided that it would be best if I continued to work on Immunity. I decided to rewrite the opening scene of Immunity which will eventually become the prologue. I aimed to get the scene ready to be published on my blog as teaser content. But, I’ve since realised that I need to work on it a little longer before I can make it available. It’s important for me to create a quality product that you can enjoy.


Starting a New Series

Since 2014, I’ve been toying with an idea for an epic fantasy series. I tend to let ideas stew around in my mind until I feel the urge to write them down. And that’s exactly what happened that Friday morning. I fleshed out my idea for the fantasy series. It has now evolved into a fantasy series set in a medieval world. The story has a magic system, dragons, knights, time travel, with a touch of science fiction. But, it’s historical fantasy. I’ve been thinking of marketing it as a coming of age story to the new adult genre, but I need to do some more research and see if it suits the genre’s audience.


Concluding Thoughts

So, this is a week in the life of a writer. Naturally, every week is different as new challenges arise and there are new things to be mastered. I aim to do a weekly video once every two weeks, just until I get into a habit and so I can see if I’m not overloading my schedule. Let’s see if I actually achieve this. Fingers crossed.


Thanks for listening and happy reading, everybody!


Amelia xx

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Amelia D. Hay

Amelia D. Hay

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