Revision Vlog: Did I Finish My Fourth Draft? | BTS Writing Vlog #15

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Hello, Writers and Book Lovers!


Some writers love a tight deadline. Maybe, love is too strong of a word. But, tight deadlines have known to be highly motivational. And, that’s where I found myself in this fifteenth behind-the-scenes writing vlog.


So, did I finish my fourth draft? Did I meet my deadline?


In this fifteenth Behind the Scenes writing vlog, I discuss:

  • What’s been going on since my last vlog.
  • My simple revision and line-editing plans.
  • A quick update after day one.
  • How I revise or line edit a scene.
  • A final day one recap.
  • Tools I use while line-editing.
  • A useful book for revision and editing.
  • Another useful blog post on describing sounds.
  • A quick update after day two.
  • How I like writing to a tight deadline.
  • An unexpected turn of events and a possible change to my deadline.
  • A quick update for day three.
  • Tips on how to push yourself to do the work.
  • Did I reach the end of the second act?
  • Did I finish my fourth draft?
  • What went on between day three and day four?
  • Did the tight deadline work for me?


Thanks for watching!


With love,

Amelia xx


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