An Important But Nonetheless Embarrassing Author Milestone | BTS Vlog #18

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Hello, Booklovers!


As suggested by the title, this behind the scenes author vlog is packed to the brim of embarrassing moments.


That’s embarrassing for me.


I’m talking embarrassing moments related to an author milestone and my over-enthusiasm in relation to a tech-related unboxing.
Yes, I bit the bullet and purchased a new iMac with upgrades.


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In this eighteenth Behind-the-Scenes writing vlog, I discuss:

  • An exciting author first.
  • A sad tech moment, my MacBook is dying.
  • What I’m currently reading.
  • The latest episode of the Thriller Novel Nerd Podcast (coming soon to my channel).
  • I’m rewriting my second novel in the James Lalonde series.
  • Another exciting delivery.
  • Unboxing my brand new iMac.
  • The modifications to my new iMac (see below the video for technical specifications)
  • Installing my iMac and setting up my office.
  • Yes, I name my devices.
  • The name of my new computer.


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I’ve now finished rewiting part one of Book Two. Now, I’ve only got three parts left to write. 

About My New iMac

It’s important to point out that the upgrades for my iMac where purchase under the advice given by my husband who has a PhD in computer science.


Yes, I got advice from an expert.


Before purchasing the iMac, I explained to Roland that I needed to use the computer for video editing, podcast editing, book cover design, and writing. If I was only using a computer to write and watch YouTube videos, then I would have purchased another MacBook with a hard drive upgrade But, you get it, the machine will be used every day and needs a fast processor, lots of virtual memory (RAM), and a giant hard drive.


RAM or virtual memory gives the computer the ability to have a lot of programmes open at once. Here I’m talking about programmes that require a lot of virtual memory, like InDesign, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. With the 32 BG of RAM, I can now have PhotoShop, Final Cut Pro, Chrome, and Garage Band open without slowing down the computer. I wasn’t able to do that with my old MacBook, which I called Donald Duck.


Here are the standard features of the iMac:

  • 21.5 Inch
  • Retina 4K Display
  • 3.6 GHz


The following items are upgrades added to the iMac upon checkout.

  • 32 GB of RAM (Instead of the standard 16 GB)
  • 1TB SSD Drive (instead of the standard 1 TB Fusion Drive)


I hope this helps you understand why I made these upgrades and chose an iMac over a MacBook.


My New iMac!
Setting up my iMac via wifi!

Concluding Thoughts

Do you name your computers and devices? Or, do you keep the default names? Let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.


Thank you for watching, reading, commenting and sharing with such enthusiasm.


With love,


Amelia xx


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